The State of Michigan has been working for years on its a Toward Zero Deaths initiative to prevent traffic deaths, including in work zones. 

As a personal injury attorney for over 30 years, I’ve seen first hand the horrific injuries and yes, even deaths, caused by work zone accidents. So I feel compelled to join MDOT in educating drivers about work zone safety. 

While the statistics are startling (nearly 4400 work zone crashes in ’22, causing 862 injuries and 13 deaths), the good news is, educated drivers can make a huge difference. Here’s how: 

Please – come home safe. Give work zones, their workers, speed rules and common sense the respect they deserve. 

If the worst should happen, know that my 30+ years of experience getting maximum compensation for people injured in work zone crashes is ready to go to work for YOU! 

Call me personally at (269)375-6224 or find more details here: Injured In A Car Accident?

Of course, if you’re a construction worker who’s injured on the job, my expertise in workers comp claims can get you maximum compensation for your injuries as well …

And please, everyone, remember: STAY SAFE OUT THERE!

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